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1Customer introduction:

BetterDoc is a German-based healthcare technology company that provides a platform for searching and booking appointments with highly rated doctors. It helps patients find the best doctor for their problem.

2Problem / Goal:

Give long-turn support in developing and maintaining software solutions needed to help the BetterDoc business grow.


Involve our team members as regular full-time contributors in all aspects of BetterDoc software development. From planning new features to improving the resilience and availability of existing features to maintaining legacy systems.

4Results / Benefits:

We support UI /UX design and front-end development of the new Public facing website, which will be faster and more attractive to potential patients. A modern website will ensure that more visitors are converted into patients.

We have developed a software solution that takes new patients from the existing marketing funnel and automates the process of taking new patients. The process has allowed for more individual patient cases to be processed per day, as fewer manual tasks are required from marketing staff.

We provide support in fixing urgent bugs that inevitably appear in the course of software development. Fixing these bugs in existing applications ensures that BetterDoc can provide its service at all times and that growth remains constant.


BetterDoc's goal is to connect patients with the best doctors at no cost to the patient. While their internal engineering team works hard to keep the platform running smoothly, BetterDoc is looking for additional team members with proven expertise to help them develop and deliver new features on a daily basis. Over the years, they have recognized the quality of the Thespian team and are committed to maintaining strategic partnership for their continued development and growth.

Christoph A. v. Dellingshausen, CFO, BetterDoc GmbH, Germany image
Christoph A. v. Dellingshausen, CFO, BetterDoc GmbH, Germany

BetterDoc has been working with Nikola Glumac and Thespian for more than 10 years and I can truly recommend them. The combination of high service quality, a collaboration built on trust and reliability and highly qualified and motivated team members was essential for our long term business relationship. Thespian has contributed a lot to BetterDoc’s success of being one of Germany’s leading e-health companies.

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