We develop today for the success of tomorrow

Founded in 2015. We've grown to become a full-cycle software development company.

Our vision

Our vision is to unlock the full human potential by always putting people first.

Our mission

Regardless whether you are a Thespian employee, client, or a partner, our mission is to ensure you get the ultimate in terms of guidance, mentorship, empathy, and support.
Our team
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Nikola Glumac

Founder & CEO

Nikola is an optimist with fifteen years of professional experience in IT. He started his career as a software engineer, but his leadership skills steered him away from coding and moved his focus toward more managerial roles. Nikola enjoys working with people and building teams. He believes people should always come first, as only happy teams create amazing and successful products. He has an infinite game mindset and likes to innovate and create while ensuring that the products and the teams building them work sustainably and efficiently.

Ante Rajčić Full-stack Developer image

Ante Rajčić

Full-stack Developer

Ante is a full-stack developer and crypto enthusiast with years of experience leading our development teams. Flawlessness, performance, and security: qualities he brings to every app. Working closely with product owners, data analysts, and marketing specialists, he always strives to keep up with trends and achieve continuous business growth.

Dora Petrović Full-stack Developer image

Dora Petrović

Full-stack Developer

Dora is a full-stack developer with an emphasis on the backend part. Dora takes care of everything from database design and business logic implementation to deployment strategies. She frequently works directly with clients to gather requirements and offer possible solutions. She's currently a full-time member of BetterDoc's Product Development team and a mentor to Thespian's junior developers.

Mihael Haluga Full-stack Developer image

Mihael Haluga

Full-stack Developer

Full-stack developer and a resident jack of all trades in the Thespian office. A developer who likes to keep things simple and constantly searches for the most pragmatic solution. He's always a helping hand to the junior staff as he likes to learn new solutions and techniques while working alongside them.

Filip Blagojević Business Development and Blockchain Operations image

Filip Blagojević

Business Development and Blockchain Operations

Filip is the person to contact if you want to use our services. He deals with client needs and project management. He is also our resident crypto enthusiast, educating our clients and us on the best use cases of blockchain technology.

Goran Pavić Digital Marketing Specialist image

Goran Pavić

Digital Marketing Specialist

Goran likes to observe the digitalization of society and do research and data analysis. He is a curious person, ready to constantly learn and research interesting content in digital marketing and find a solution in a creative way.

Sara Dragojević HR Specialist image

Sara Dragojević

HR Specialist

Sara handles all the employee-related questions and ideas. From administration, office management, new policies implementation, planning and organizing events to selection and recruitment process, onboarding, talent management, and all other HR operations.

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Join our team

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Our growing team consists of 20+ aspiring young potentials and experienced professionals. With the guidance and support of a mentor, every new member of our team has an opportunity to unlock their full potential. Most of our colleagues come from top universities and we encourage everyone to share their professional skills, knowledge and ideas which helps us thrive in the world of fast changing technology.

Investing in our team enables us to develop both professionally and personally so every individual at Thespian makes a unique and valuable impact in turning each obstacle to a great success story.


We always strive to enhance client’s business
growth with unique approach.

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Our teams are assembled by having our clients needs in mind - we ensure effective communication to bring quality and sustainable long term results/faster results.


With holacracy practice in place we improve communication, collaboration, and clarity across our organization, to our clients satisfaction and success.

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We strive to do the highest level of work to meet the clients' needs beyond their expectation.


With extensive understanding of challenges both start-up business and large enterprise face, our dedicated team has a proven success of delivering exceptional results.

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Problem solving

We approach problems from the lens of many perspectives. We've assembled a team of creative thinkers, designers and developers....

Innovative technology

We build software solutions using emerging, proven and scalable technologies suitable for startups and enterprises.

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With an individualized and customized approach we aim to establish long-term partnerships with our clients.

Company info

Zadarska ulica 80, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska (Croatia)
OIB: 05628545241
VAT-ID: HR05628545241 · MB: 4337379
IBAN HR7024020061100728869 at ERSTE&STEIERMÄRKISCHE BANK d.d., Rijeka, Hrvatska (Croatia) · SWIFT: ESBCHR22
Registered at Commercial Court in Zagreb, Hrvatska (Croatia)
MBS: 080954093 · Share capital: 20.000,00 HRK paid in full
Board: Nikola Glumac