Benefits you gain by entrusting Thespian with
your eLearning platform development

Scalable platform infrastructure

Data analytics to understand Lerners' behaviour

Captivating UX design to attract and retain learners

Mobile experience

Lean Development and continuous support

Compliance with industry wide standards

Partnership you can trust: Thespian takes product-level responsibility and aligns its engineering culture with your business values, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our partnership.

Tailored solutions: Our custom eLearning development process delivers innovative ideas and expert technology recommendations, resulting in a full-scale eLearning solution tailored to your specific needs.

Ongoing support for success: Thespian provides continuous support to ensure your profitable growth, giving you the tools and resources you need to succeed in the eLearning industry.

Increased efficiency and effectiveness: With Thespian's full-cycle, agile eLearning software development strategy, you'll benefit from advanced technologies and a lean design, resulting in increased efficiency and effectiveness in your eLearning experience.



Thomas Andre Talsnes, Founder, Enkeleksamen, Norway image
Thomas Andre Talsnes, Founder, Enkeleksamen, Norway

Thespian is a long term partner. Someone you can trust, that produces high quality and will adjust to your needs.


Benjamin Heinke, Chief Technical Advisor, DCK Media GmbH, Germany image
Benjamin Heinke, Chief Technical Advisor, DCK Media GmbH, Germany

Very happy and satisfied with the project we have been developing with Thespian. Open, friendly yet competent and professional team. The project management style is efficient and fluid. I appreciate the fact that the developers made it their personal mission to make this project successful. I can genuinely recommend Thespian to everyone who needs solid software development.


Dominik Muhle, CEO, DCK Media GmbH, Germany image
Dominik Muhle, CEO, DCK Media GmbH, Germany

Very good experience to work on the project with Thespian. Really professional and excellent team with focus on detail and understanding of a business case. Offering smart solutions for all open points. Developers with a passion to serve the client and fun to interact and find solutions. Best choice to work together with Thespian. Strong recommendation if you need high class software development.

Bespoke eLearning design and development

Unlock the full potential of eLearning with Thespian - the leading educational innovator in the industry. Our full-cycle, agile software development strategy is powered by advanced technologies and lean design, putting learners first and delivering top-notch results. With over 8 years of experience, Thespian has established itself as a trusted technology enabler and partner for eLearning providers, delivering custom development services that give you the edge you need to succeed in today's digital learning environments. Join other eLearning providers who have already chosen Thespian as their partner - and start revolutionizing eLearning today.

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