Case study

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1Customer introduction:

Triteh is a company specialized in HVAC, operating in Croatia. The company aims to meet the needs of customers by offering optimal solutions and supplying HVAC equipment.

The company invests its efforts, technical expertise and commitment to provide top-notch technical support to designers, equipment manufacturers and investors.

2Problem / Goal:

Existing systems were fragmented and required a significant amount of manual work. Work orders were processed on paper forms, leading to issues such as lost or damaged paperwork and misunderstandings. The main goal was to develop a digital app to streamline processes, increase efficiency, ensure data integrity and facilitate communication between technicians, customers and the company. Due to the low efficiency of the existing systems, the company was losing valuable time and resources.


The developed web application allows administrators to easily input all relevant project details for the technician, such as task descriptions, locations, and required tools and resources. The scheduling system for technicians provides a comprehensive overview of all tasks and ensures that nothing is overlooked.

With the app, technicians can easily communicate important project information such as completion status, any issues that arise, resources used, and hours spent on each task. This real-time communication improves collaboration between technicians, clients, and the company, making it easier to keep everyone in the loop.

In addition, our data analytics provide valuable insights into which technicians have the necessary resources and tools they need and how much of both they have. This information enables the company to make more informed decisions, improve overall efficiency, and reduce waste of time and resources.

4Results / Benefits:

The custom-built solution has completely transformed the company's project management, providing better control and visibility over resources used. By eliminating paper forms, the risk of losing important data has been drastically reduced, ensuring that all project information is securely stored.

With our streamlined process, invoicing time has been significantly reduced, saving the company valuable time and resources. Technicians can now easily access all relevant project information, giving them a comprehensive view of their daily schedule, locations, and other important project requirements.

Our solution has not only increased efficiency, but also improved communication between all project stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.


The client was facing significant challenges with its business processes and billing due to outdated paper forms. Technicians were spending too much time delivering completed project documents, resulting in delays and wasted resources. Third-party software solutions also did not provide the specific functionality they needed to improve their workflow and meet their unique requirements.

At this point, our client realized that a custom software solution was the best way to achieve long-term success and overcome their challenges.

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Company info

Zadarska ulica 80, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska (Croatia)
OIB: 05628545241
VAT-ID: HR05628545241 · MB: 4337379
IBAN HR7024020061100728869 at ERSTE&STEIERMÄRKISCHE BANK d.d., Rijeka, Hrvatska (Croatia) · SWIFT: ESBCHR22
Registered at Commercial Court in Zagreb, Hrvatska (Croatia)
MBS: 080954093 · Share capital: 20.000,00 HRK paid in full
Board: Nikola Glumac