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1Customer introduction:

Recognized, Germany-based, B2B e-learning continuing education for nurses from inpatient and outpatient geriatric care, hospitals, out-of-hospital intensive care, and psychiatric care.

2Problem / Goal:

The systems were fragmented and required a lot of manual effort. The company was using third-party software for its learning management system (LMS) and learning record store (LRS), but wanted to move to an in-house solution. The limitations of the third-party software made it difficult to gain deeper insights, have better control over the systems, and access more information. The goal was to increase flexibility and authenticity while modernizing the interface.


With the custom and scalable eLearning software, our client and their users can now enjoy a seamless learning experience with real-time tracking and interactive progress monitoring. The detailed analytics allow for easy evaluation of course completion, questions, and overall course quality. In addition, the application offers flexibility, allowing users to create their own learning paths and mandatory courses and customize the learning experience to their specific needs. They have full control over permissions and can even create custom certifications. The solution offers white-labeling capabilities to further enhance branding, users can customize the color theme and add their own logo to the platform.

4Results / Benefits:

Custom-developed software, which includes both an LMS and an LRS, provides our client with complete control and autonomy, eliminating the need for third-party software. This not only saves our client time and money in the long run but also exceeds their expectations as we have achieved more than was originally anticipated in this stage of the project. With the custom-developed software, our client has full autonomy over their LMS and LRS, ensuring a streamlined and efficient learning experience.


With the goal of increasing efficiency, improving data management, increasing productivity, and automating processes, DCK was inspired to move away from the limitations of third-party software products. By opting for custom software, they are able to provide a world-class eLearning service and keep up with modern technology that is specifically tailored to their needs.

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Dominik Muhle, CEO, DCK Media GmbH, Germany

Very good experience to work on the project with Thespian. Really professional and excellent team with focus on detail and understanding of a business case. Offering smart solutions for all open points. Developers with a passion to serve the client and fun to interact and find solutions. Best choice to work together with Thespian. Strong recommendation if you need high class software development.

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