Discover the Advantages of Joining a Bootcamp

by Komnen Grujić, February 08, 2023

My Personal Journey and Outcome

Boot camps are intensive, short-term courses that provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to start a new career or secure a job. They are designed to prepare students for entry-level jobs in a fast and efficient manner, focusing on in-demand technologies.

The benefits of boot camps include:

  • A fast transition to a new career

  • Hands-on experience and the opportunity to build a work portfolio

  • Networking opportunities with instructors and other students

  • Job placement assistance after completion

  • The chance to explore a new field before committing to a longer degree program

As someone who has personally undergone a boot camp, I can vouch for the numerous advantages they offer. I was feeling stuck in my job and seeking a career change when I came across boot camps as a way to quickly gain the skills for a new field. I chose the Le Wagon Web Development Bootcamp, which focused on Ruby On Rails technology, and attended the program in Munich. 

The speed at which I gained new skills was one of the biggest advantages of the boot camp. Although the program lasted only a few months, I was able to learn a considerable amount of information in a short time. I learned the basics of coding, as well as more advanced concepts like web design and development.

The hands-on experience I gained was also valuable. We worked on projects individually and as a team, which allowed me to build a portfolio of work to showcase to potential employers. Pair programming sessions were particularly beneficial as they allowed me to overcome challenges and validate my skills with my classmates.

The boot camp also provided networking opportunities with instructors and classmates. The instructors have experienced professionals in the field and they offer valuable insights and advice. My classmates and I were in similar positions, which allowed us to learn and support each other.

Boot camps often offer job placement assistance after graduation, making the transition to a new career much easier. I found it helpful in discovering if web development was the field I wanted to pursue before committing to a career change.

After graduation, I faced difficulties finding a job as a non-EU citizen, but my friend and colleague Dominik, who I met at the boot camp, helped me a lot. He recommended me to the CEO of our company, Thespian, after recognizing my talent for UX design and my passion for the Figma tool. Now, I work as a Product Designer at Thespian, learning every day and gaining valuable experience and knowledge from my colleagues and our CEO.

In conclusion, my experience with a boot camp was extremely positive. If you're considering a career change and want to quickly gain the skills and knowledge for a new field, I highly recommend considering a boot camp. You'll not only learn new skills, but you'll also have the opportunity to network and make life-long connections.

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